How can I improve my Leader's Score?

April 6, 2015


We get a lot of questions from users regarding their Leader's score and the most frequent one is how to improve it. Well, to improve it you first need to understand how it works, how our algorithm calculates your score and what are the variables that are taken in consideration when calculating the Leader’s score.  I will share our general idea on what is important and what are the variables we use, but I won't be able to present the actual equation – that is our core business asset.


Our point of view regarding social media influencers is that we seek to find those who relatively can stimulate their friends or followers to interact with the content they publish. Thus, we give more weight to engagement rate which for us is a qualitative figure more than to quantitative figures such as the number of friends or number of post. Let's dive deep in to each data figure and explain how it contributes:

  1. Number of friends and followers - This piece of data has a linear effect on you influence. Hence, the more you have the higher the score you get. Although, it is more a popularity indicator we still value this figure due to the relations it brings to your circulation. By circulation we mean the number of users which potentially can see your posts. But as you understand the weight of this figure has been reduced significantly in the past 2 years. 

  2. Interactions - Interactions are the actions that your posts can produce. In Facebook- Likes, Comments and Shares, in Twitter- Favorites, Replys and Re-Tweets. Interactions are calculated per post and also accumulated for a period of time (i.e Month). Those 2 numbers has effect on the score because they implicate that 1) you can generate reactions to your content (sort of influence) and also it can affect your circulation. We don't conceive and treat each interaction as equal, but I will leave that issue to a different post.  I will say that the real and most significant contribution of this figure is for the calculation of the engagement rate.

  3. Engagement rate - This figure has the highest value at our scoring model. It is calculated as the average interaction per post divided by the number of friends. It takes the interaction to a relative perspective and enables to examine the influence capacity between 2 individuals that don't have the same amount of friends. It effects your circulation directly and its behavior and impact on the score is exponential.

  4. Content - Content is a multifaceted issue with lots of inner variables and deserves a special post for it. We check not just the topics and determine if you regularly write on a specific issue or you write on various subjects, we also check if you tend to share stories or you are more of an original content creator. The use of pictures & videos are also taken under consideration.

  5. Additional information - There are more pieces of information we gather and analyze like the length of posts (short Vs. Long), Time and day of publishing, Frequency and amount of posts and several more.

Those variables we have described here, give us insight on your understanding of the platform's unwritten roles and your audience (friends) preferences. We believe that there are no "universal" rules regarding content. From our data we have learned that each user's community reacts differently and we plan on giving each of our Leaders personal recommendations on how to improve their score in the future.


If you don't have a Leader Score – Get one now!  

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How can I improve my Leader's Score?

April 6, 2015

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