Are you an influencer?

April 6, 2015

Influence is described as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. And relying on that definition all of us are influencers, each one with its own capacity and influencees. Scientists had researched Influence in various forms and in different disciplines. Like the air around us which we usually don't pay attention to unless we are doing sports and we are lacking it, Influence occurs around us all the time but we notice it when someone tries to influence us or our surrounding in an aggressive manner.


One of the most frequent form of aggressive influence is marketing, which uses a variety of methods to repeatedly convey a massage and make you buy. All of the research conducted in this field concluded that, the most influential source on purchasing intent is recommendation from people you know. Obviously, we tend to trust our relatives and friends rather than commercials and even press reviews (See McKensy & Millward Brown studies). The rise of social media has given marketers not just a great headache but also endless opportunities to change trust issues and to develop new ways to market effectively.



Facebook today has about 1.2 billion users and with other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pintereset, Blogs, Youtube and many more, people today consume much of their information not directly from the information providers (Organizations, institutions, companies) and not even through the former mediator "The Press", but from people they know and trust. While this can cause a negative effect socially due to no "Gatekeeping" and authenticity check, it also give ways to new guerilla marketing methods to thrive. Having the possibility to quantify each user with the numbers of friends or followers and the number of posts or tweets, paved the way for services like Klout which was the first to dominate the "Social media Influencers" market.


Giving score of Influence to social media users is now changing and will continue to change. What was considered valuable once like having lots of friends, Is now another factor and can sometimes be a solely indicator of popularity. Number of posts has no linear impact, posting more doesn't necessary means more effect and it can even cause a boomerang effect for some. The Real currencies today are engagement and interactions, not just because they can be gathered and calculated but also because, although they don't indicate intention to buy they do give us an evidence of an action.


Building a scoring model to each kind of social platform is no easy task, but a worthy one. In the next post we will elaborate more on the variables we use and their significant on our "Leader's Score" algorithm. But no matter what your score is, we know that you have the power to influence across the social media more than you do today. We will try to give you the tools and share our "know how" on how to do it with you.


Check you influence score today –

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